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Start being loyal to your customers

Loyalty only works if it is reciprocal


Advanced technology enables automated & self-adapting campaigns to engage customers and create a lasting relationship


Customer activity & feedback provides an extensive set of data for analysis and informed decision-making


A singular mobile app for bringing together businesses and customers creates a customer-centric experience

Business oriented

The business platform

A business management platform designed to create loyalty and marketing campaigns for engaging current and new customers
Smart technology to automate the tasks, optimize the results and generate insights

Customer centric

The customers app

Free mobile app for bringing together businesses caring about building strong relationships and customers enjoying being compensated for their loyalty
Discovering new businesses has never been this interesting

Challenging the status-quo

We believe technology can boost all kind of businessesThe struggle of finding the perfect loyalty or marketing campaigns is real, if you don't use smart and customer-oriented technologyWe have designed a solution to free up bottlenecks across the businesses and let technology do the magic

For business owners

  • Retain & engage current customers

  • Aquire new customers

  • Collect analytical data

For customers

  • Use a singular app for all loyalty programs

  • Receive incentives & exclusivities from known shops

  • Discover new shops and places

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